Study Centre

The goal of the Study Centre is to promote and increase the study of Italian, European and comparative positive law, also in conjunction with their relationships – which are increasingly multifaceted – with the economy, health, welfare, employment, education, training, energy, the environment, the public administration and culture. The need for a multi-disciplinary and interactive approach to the law has become even more apparent today; one need consider only the current globalised socio-economic situation featuring an ever-increasing dynamism.

The scientific committee consists of:


Prof. Lawyer Marino Marinelli (Full Professor of Civil Procedural Law at the Università degli Studi of Trento)


Prof. Lawyer Francesco Schurr (Full Professor of Commercial Law and Trusts at the Universität Liechtenstein )

Mr Umberto Giacomelli (Judge at the Court of Belluno)

Mr Maurizio Postal (Chartered Accountant, President of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Trento and Rovereto)