In the information society in which we live, every person or entity, public or private, necessarily processes personal data in carrying out daily activities (consider, for example, topics such as supervising employees, using IT tools to transmit information, processing sensitive data, e-mail marketing, etc.).

Such processing, if conducted in violation of legal requirements, exposes those processing the data to the risk of incurring sanctions, which can be quite onerous, and which may be administrative, civil or, in the most serious cases, criminal.

The Firm, based on its expertise, offers advice and assistance to businesses and public entities to avert the risk and for defence before the competent administrative and judicial authorities.

Specifically, the Firm can assist its clients in choosing organisation, physical and logistical solutions aimed at achieving substantial and concretely applicable compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 2003 and the relevant measures of the Italian Data Protection Authority, as well as implementing those solutions.