International litigation

Thanks to the international network of which the Firm is a member, it has gained significant experience in assisting companies involved in international litigation (both judicial and arbitration), frequently dealing with questions of international civil procedure and issues involving international conventions.

The Firm assists clients in cases whose jurisdiction (country or arbitration) is Italian and which include international aspects, e.g., one of the parties is foreign, or in cases whose jurisdiction (country or arbitration) is overseas. In particular, since the Firm is a member of international networks made up of law firms located in almost every country in the world, it provides assistance to Italian companies that are involved in judicial and arbitration proceedings based abroad (with a particular focus on arbitration proceedings administered by prestigious arbitration institutions such as, merely by way of illustration, the ICC in Paris, the National and International Arbitration Chamber in Milan, the LCIA in London and the WKÖ in Vienna).

The Firm has developed significant experience in performing service abroad, assisting clients in obtaining European injunctive decrees and in the subsequent enforcement phase to be carried out overseas, in obtaining evidence abroad for proceedings in Italy and obtaining evidence in Italy for proceedings pending abroad, as well as in regard to recognition and enforcement in Italy of foreign judicial decisions and arbitration awards, whether EU or non-EU.