The Firm has gained and developed specific expertise supporting and advising insurance companies and insurance and financial intermediaries in regard to entity governance (incorporation, legal requirements and internal organisation) and the rules applicable to the distribution of insurance, financial and retirement products.

Its experience and expertise in the field have grown and matured thanks to a long-term relationship with a leading Italian insurance group and have also been enhanced by collaboration and advisory services for European Union companies doing business under the freedom to provide services or the freedom of establishment.

The dedicated team can offer advice in the entire insurance law area, including:

  • managing relationships with intermediaries (agents, brokers, producers and bancassurance operators);
  • distributing insurance, financial and retirement products;
  • legal construction of casualty, property and linked products;
  • internal audit, risk management, compliance and intra-group relationships;
  • ISVAP (Italian Private and Collective Insurance Supervisory Authority)-IVASS (Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority), Bank of Italy, CONSOB (Italian National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) and COVIP (Italian Pension Funds Supervisory Commission) oversight and regulation;
  • transfers of business divisions and portfolios between companies and intermediaries;
  • industrial property and unfair competition in the intermediation and portfolio management sectors;
  • training intermediaries and company administrators and technicians.