Corporate law – Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate law

The organisational complexity of a corporation and the rules that govern its operation give rise, on an ongoing basis, to important issues regarding the life of the company such as corporate governance, the organisation of corporate structures, restructurings and extraordinary financial transactions.
The Firm and its professionals have gained significant experience in the field of corporate law, supporting business owners and companies in all aspects of the corporate experience, from determining the most appropriate structure and drafting shareholders’ agreements to incorporation and transactions, both ordinary and extraordinary, and finally until dissolution proceedings.
The Firm can assist its clients in drafting articles of incorporation, by-laws, shareholders’ meeting minutes and board of directors’ meeting minutes, as well as providing guidance regarding all the dynamics that make up the life of the corporate enterprise.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The purchase or sale of a business is a complex situation that, to be successful, requires the transactions to be structured, including the tax aspects and financing, due diligence and drafting and negotiation of the contractual documentation.
The Firm, by organising dedicated interdisciplinary teams, regularly assists companies and business owners in determining the best strategy to carry out the acquisition or sale of the target company, providing assistance at all stages of the process.
The Firm developed significant expertise in many industries associated with the production of goods and services, both in Italy and abroad, including specialised sectors such as IT and healthcare.